Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Goals Part 2

So what, exactly, do I want to do in the near and far future that I'm so hesitant to commit to? Well, it's a couple of things.

1) Get a saddle

Yeah, I want my own again, mainly because I hate getting to the barn at school and having to fight gladiator style over a Toulouse. I really just want something that fits me and that is adjustable enough to fit a decently sized range of horses. If anything, I'll get a cheap, shimmable half pad with it for good measure. The main reason that I'm hesitant is because I don't want to make that kind of investment then bring a lease horse home and have it not fit them at all.
I want it, idc what hunter peeps think

2) Lease a horse

And that brings us to the second point: leasing a horse next year. I mentioned in Vlog 1 that I was thinking about leasing Beorn. I just texted Steph today, so we'll see how that turns out. If his owner is open to it, and I'm able to play my cards right, I'll hopefully be able to work with him during the school year and bring him to this side of the bridge in early May. If it doesn't work out, I'll be trying horses in the winter (and maybe some before the summer ends depending on what Steph sends back).

Other than Beorn, I already have a couple horses that I've been meaning to ask about. I have sent one Facebook message about potential leases. Still waiting to hear back on that. Ginger from the IEA barn is also on my list, but, as with many horses, I don't think Miss Jan would be open to an off site lease, for obvious reasons. Ginger is also a very very nice horse and will likely come with a very very nice horse price tag. I've looked at some horses online, and there's a handful that mostly fit the bill while hitting the low end of my budget. If anyone wants to free lease their 3'0" eq/first level Dressage horse to me, a failing internet personality, let me know.

Cute but expensive
3) Qualify for things

The first thing would be IHSA regionals which I put down as a goal for this year not realizing that it takes significantly more points to qualify than with IEA. Plus, I only went to three shows total, and would have had to place first every time to qualify. So, that's getting moved to next year because of a mistake on my part.

My big goal would be to act like a real adult amateur qualify for the Ariat Medal and/or one of the MAEF medals. I'm still bitter about last year, and I will compete at MAEF if it kills me. The Ariat medal has been a part of my plan since last summer. I was hoping to do it with Music assuming she was sound & sane enough (remember, fox hunter), and if she wasn't I already had another horse lined up. Realistically, I could lease her, but the cost of maintenance, training, and board and feed doesn't make it a sound financial option for me.

I'm hoping to start the 2017 season back at 2'6", then go up to the 3'0" if I feel comfortable enough.

4) Go to HITS or Upperville or something

Local shows are getting boring. I'm a new woman. Let me live.

Also wanna eventually show Dressage because it's looking more and more like that won't happen this year because of time constraints. In terms of skillset, Max is coming along, and I have another lesson tonight. I don't doubt his abilities at all. It's just a matter of scheduling.

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  1. I have my Tekna jump saddle for sale. Just saying. ;)


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