Monday, August 29, 2016

Day 1 Is Done

Back to school and back to work (technically still working, constant working, perpetual internships). Today was the first official day of classes, meaning it was time for me to start working around my ridiculous schedule. Seriously, on Wednesdays, my day is entirely open until 7pm, then on Fridays I have one class from 8am to noon, then that's it.

I'm doing my best, though. Making the best use of my time has meant pushing workouts to the morning instead of the evenings with Friday either being a lesson day or an off day depending on how things land. Some friends asked if I wanted to join them for yoga at 8:30, which I happily agreed to. Since stretching cold muscles is never a good idea, I took a short run around campus. Oh, yeah, and to the person that honked at me, IT WAS A CROSS WALK. OPEN YOUR EYES.

I've never actually done yoga before. It was a strange experience. I'm so used to being up and moving while working out, but yoga is all quiet and painful.

image from Cosmopolitan
Seriously, at the beginning I tried to bend backwards and ended up getting a kink in my back, which then became un-kinked by the end of it all. I'm debating whether or not to go back.

On to classes: this is my first time feeling like a real architecture student. I was taking 15 credits of gen-eds last semester, so actually learning about buildings and stuff is refreshing. I had Elements and Principals of Architecture at 11am. My professor is adamant about adding pictures to notes, and while I did refresh my art skills last semester, I can't draw things all that quickly.

I have lunch with Brit around 1pm, then architecture convocation (which Michael adamantly reminded us of), and finally physics this evening. Full disclosure, I hate physics.

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