Monday, August 8, 2016

More than kind of lazy

So, I decided on Thursday that I would take it easy on Friday in terms of working out. I added in a day of arms and a day of legs last week, and I was pretty sore. Dialing things down seemed appropriate. I had planned on doing some yoga on WiiFit, but then Friday came along, and I just . . . didn't. Then I did nothing on Saturday, too. And I also rode for a half hour on Sunday. I'm the pinnacle of health.

Yeah, and he's the pinnacle of Dressage, too
But, yeah, whatever, can't go back in time. Max was the same old, same old yesterday, kinda there, kinda not, had some really good moments, had plenty of bad moments too. It was certainly better than last week.

We did mainly serpentines for the whole ride at the trot and canter with halts on the center line. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I lost his shoulder, and it's hard to get back because big dude still doesn't yield to leg pressure all the time. Now, moving forward off the leg? No biggie. Left and right are the issues. I've only halfway ruined Miss El's work over the course of these last two rides. If someone could please come to the barn and demand that I let go of my outside rein, that would be wonderful. I know that the backtracking is because of me being too handsy, but at least I could remind myself to be softer yesterday.

"I will end you"
His owner ended up moving him back to their old barn, a place which I've shown at multiple times. It was a bit strange being there when people aren't running amok with oddly clean horses. Of course, he's still barn bound.

Work with me, pls

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