Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My Temporary Circus

Forcing yourself to write about a ride you didn't like is not fun. Rode Max on Saturday, and it started out okay then got progressively worse. He was decent to walk, moderately decent to trot. I guess the transitions were better until he started rushing going to the right. The entire time, he was falling to the right, and I'd say it was an issue with my balance, but I actually felt far more centered than usual. My hands were still a mess, the right rein in particular. It took constant reminders to keep them in check.

I set up some poles, which we went over fine once during the flatwork, but then I took a break, and came back to them, and he started rushing, and I'm just ?????? What is so different now, Max? What changed in the last 20 minutes? So we did that until he stopped, then I started adding some other fences, which he rushed at first (again, ?????). I started halting afterwards, but geez, dude, what gives?

I'm kinda pissed that we've been working together so terribly over the last couple of weeks, especially when it was so nice for our last lesson with Miss El. I don't like back tracking. I have maybe one more ride on him, and I'd really like to be able to say "Not my circus, not my monkeys," but that is the exact opposite of this situation.

image from Pixar Movies

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  1. ugh frustrating. i don't like back tracking either :(


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