Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Day in the Life: Architecture Student Edition

School has tragically (more or less) taken over my life, BUT the whole point of this blog is to document my journey as an equestrian, and my school commitments limit my riding time, therefore they are relevant.
I designed this God awful building & I have no shame
Background Info: So, for one of my classes, we have an assignment that requires us to make a handful of site visits in DC and draw buildings/monuments/public spaces in various scale types. We were given this assignment on the first day of class. It is due on October 28th. Naturally, most people have procrastinated (except Ian because, well, he's Ian).

Contrary to my nature, I only procrastinated a little bit, but not as much as some people. I don't have class until late on Wednesdays, so I took a trip to DC today in order to knock out some drawings and take a couple pictures. I had a friend tag along, too, so the whole experience was guaranteed to be interesting. It did lead to a pretty exciting snap story, so I can't complain.

They're pigeons
I woke up dark eyed and limp tailed at 7:30am, then proceeded to stay in bed until 7:45 because screw getting my day started. Naddy and I met at 8:30, then it was off to the metro. Our first stop was supposed to be the National Gallery of Art, but we opted to get some shots of the Mall first, then head back towards the Gallery. On the way back, we stopped to do the facade of the Freer Gallery.

By that time, it was just past noon, so we grabbed lunch at a cool pizza place. Prior to today, Naddy had never tried deep dish pizza (don't ask me why). In short, she loved it and would likely marry deep dish pizza if given the chance.

I'm so sorry for this
After lunch, it was a very long hop, skip, and jump to the Vietnam Memorial. Fun Fact: I saw the Vietnam Women's Memorial today, which I didn't even know existed. On the way, we went by the Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, and Lincoln Memorial. That whole section is arguably my favorite part of DC (minus all the historic residential areas).

pt 2 will be watercolored as well!
Another not as long hop, skip, and jump got us to Farragut North. We rode one stop to Dupont Circle which is amazing. Seriously, if you ever have the chance, just go. It's beautiful. Google Maps doesn't do it justice. Tragically, I was only there to take pictures of cross walks (#architectureschool). Once I finished, we dropped into Starbucks because 80F weather made Naddy thirsty. I was fine, but that's because I don't drink, like, ever. Finally, we rode the rails back to school, and now I'm waiting for 7:00pm so I can head to physics. I knocked out 2 1/3 drawings, so it was definitely a productive trip overall.

As costly as the transit can be, I do prefer days in DC over spending 12 hours a day with the same 10 people in the architecture building, living entirely off of cheesesticks, black tea, and those really good biscuits from the diner.

For the sake of relating this back to horses, here's progress .gif I did based on Kent Farrington's stable in Wellington.

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  1. DC is great for architecture, that's for sure.


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