Sunday, October 9, 2016

Imagine college, but easier

It actually does exist, and it's called "freshman year" if you're an architecture student. It was so easy last semester to get into a posting routine. I was basically going for every other day, but the past month and a half, I've just been asking myself "When are you gonna get around to updating that blog of yours?" Well, today is the day.

Me, constantly - image from WRAL Sports Fan
It's been busy, to put things lightly. 17 credits was a breeze a year ago, especially considering the fact that I had two joke classes that I had to get out of the way. This year? Nope. Nada. Not a chance. I wish I could say that physics is my joke class, but then I'd have to know what I was doing. Which I don't. The remaining 14 credits include one course for my honors certificate and then four architecture specific courses. I assure you, I'm learning things. My hand drawing has improved by miles, too. I'm just stretched a bit thin, and some professors are really testing my patience.

*avoids architecture w/ more architecture*
On the bright side, I've pulled through. Good food, good friends, and stress crying keep me going strong.

Pony wise, the eq team is still a thing. Due to changes in the structure, I opted not to join the Eventing Team full time, but that means I can devote more time to other things, such as the eq team (and also all my homework, and also the short story I'm working on, and also the continued search for a lease horse, and did I mention I'm also pledging a frat?). I've basically been riding Oscar every week, and I might have some ride recaps for y'all sometime this week.

Phone, meet Muzzle
Other assorted good news:
    - I bought a saddle, and it fits me
    - By chance, the saddle also fits Oscar decently
    - The half pad also got here, but it shipped to my house house, so I can't pick it up until November
    - I've gained several close friends over the last 1.5 months
    - There's a place down the street from campus with really good shrimp fried rice

Also, quick little promo: the Eq Team is currently doing a fundraiser with Yankee Candle, and I'm not saying that you should buy from us, but it would be greatly appreciated (also, you should buy from us). Use my shop link to start browsing. Sidenote: a lot of seasonal stuff is up right now, and they make awesome holiday gifts.


  1. mmmm shrimp fried rice. Ah yes and stress crying, it totally is a thing.

    1. I'm supposed to be saving money, but I went three times last week, and I would go again today if I didn't have things to get done during my break D:

  2. Good to hear from you and glad things are mostly settling into a routine!

    1. I've been struggling to keep up with everyone, but I saw that your riding situation has undergone some changes. Congrats!!


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