Saturday, October 15, 2016

Anotha' one

I just can't stay away from grey geldings.
image from Pinterest
Yesterday was my first time riding Ajax. He's basically Max but scaled up a bit, like 1 to 2 hands. For such a chunk of a horse, he actually didn't feel that huge. Sure, my hips complained a bit, but otherwise, we were good. He's a slow, plodding, smooth ride. His head got in my face a couple of times, which is the exact opposite of rootin' tootin' Oscar. So yeah, everything from the last month did not apply here.

Besides my bad habits, of course. I will say that I 100% did look up through my canter transitions. We also made it through a gymnastic, which has always proven to be difficult for me on literally any horse except Baby. Even on Baby, it was often questionable. Otherwise, the big things were keeping my fingers closed, picking my hands up, and keeping my leg under me when jumping.


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