Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Another Big Gray Gelding

We'll call this one Moose.

As aforementioned, Oscar has been my main squeeze for the past two lessons. I've been starting to figure him out more, but he makes my bad habits waaayyy more obvious. Thanks for nothing, horse.

October 1st

After not riding the previous week due to other obligations, I was just thrilled to have a complete flatwork drilling ride. Can you taste the sarcasm? Because I can. Lots of no stirrup work, transitions, some counter canter, and, of course, swapping horses. I ended up on Penny and Linus as well, but most of the ride was spent on Oscar.

It was my first ride in the new saddle, and, not gonna lie, I had some reservations about it. Listen, friends, if you buy a CC saddle, expect a CC saddle. I also have to wrap my stirrup leathers because apparently 18 year olds can't have normal length legs. Final point of complaint: it squeaked. It squeaked so much. I have gone through one round of needsfoot oil, and round two is happening today.

He is perfect and can do no wrong
But, whatever, that's that. The sitting trot was much easier in a saddle that fit me. Oscar was a bit speedy in the indoor, but he really does respond to the half halt. I just had to do it often. We struggled a lot with the counter canter going to the left, but I also struggle with getting his right lead in general, so that's something to work on for the future. Looking up during the canter transition is also a major issue right now.

October 8th

We rode outside, God bless. Fall has settled in aggressively nicely, but we're still getting into the sixties during the afternoon. I did break out the flannel, though.

Someone kicked Oscar's butt earlier in the day, and he was not happy about being brushed. I had wanted to use a different square pad, but since somebody was being a Mr. Grumpy Gills, I opted for the BoT pad we usually use. Our ride was actually pretty good except two little bits.

Dirtier than he looks
First off, the right lead. Again, my balance still isn't where I want it to be, and, psychologically, the thought of being in pain from poor balance just makes me not want to go to the right. To add to this, Oscar's right side is his weak side. Consequently, getting the right lead is tricky, and maintaining a balanced right lead canter is even trickier. It got just a tiny bit run-off-ish, maybe? The fir
st part of the solution is to not let the Moose drag me down, but, like, I'm small. He is a moose. Believe me, I'm trying, but it's more of an easier said than done type thing.

Second, he rushed to the fences a bit as well, which is easy to correct after the fence, but it should probably be corrected before the fence. The solution is the same: shorten reins, sit up, whoa. The physiology is also the same: tiny human, weak hands, large horse, sore from arm day.

He looks the best from this angle
It would be awesome if I could ride more than once a week since these fixes mainly require repetition, but I wasn't born rich or with a license.

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  1. Ugh I feel your pain in not being able to ride often enough to build that core strength back up!


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