Tuesday, December 27, 2016

4th Annual Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

This is my very first year participating in the gift exchange. I'd seen everyone posting about it the past couple of years, and I decided that 2016 was the time to make it happen.Thank you to Tracy for hosting, and thank you to Draft Mare for the lovely package! It was on the steps when I got home on Tuesday, and while I had originally planned to wait until Christmas to open it, I couldn't help myself.

First was treats! They have already been shared with Silver and Roman, though I'm saving some for the barn back at school. School ponies need to feel loved too.

I also received some leather treatment products by Higher Standards Leather Care. A super useful gift considering the new saddle; I'd bet money that thing is as old as me.

Finally (and I swear Draft Mare was being psychic about this one) concentrated hair moisturizer. Let me be clear: I am very serious about the condition of the mane and tail, more so the tail since most manes are cut too short to bother much. I am also far more apt to detangle by hand with the aid of product rather than attempt with a comb. So long as I have the time, my tails are flawless. No knots, soft, voluminous, silky, and, most importantly, show ring ready. Bonus: this one is au naturale.

Nice tails win blue ribbons
Thanks again to Draft Mare and Tracy! Happy Holidays, y'all, and enjoy the rest of your 2016!!


  1. Oooh nice gifts!! Charlie's tail needs some serious tlc bc he keeps covering it in manure while on the trailer lol

    1. If I get you for next years exchange, I know exactly what your gift will be ;)

  2. We love lanolin! The boys always cringe when I come at them with the "pink stuff." Very nice gifts.

  3. The health haircare moisturizer is one of my all time favorite products.

  4. I LOVE Higher Standards -- it's the only leather soap I'll use... and Healthy HairCare is sensitive thin-skin Thoroughbred approved!


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