Saturday, December 10, 2016

Structural Failure

So I had (technically) my first (kinda) real, architectural review yesterday. It came at the end of a looooong week. To be quite honest, that week is still trudging on. The only reason I have time to blog right now is because the program I need to use for my next assignment is downloading.

Palazzo Gondi, y'all
But, enough with that. Our final for this class was a two part project. The first part was completed (more or less) before Thanksgiving, after which we had three weeks to complete part two. When I turned in my first part, my TA made a lot of comments, very few of which were positive. After a semester of trying really hard to impress her, I was kinda bummed, especially since my assignments from the past two weeks were high quality.

I worked on it for a week and brought in a couple of half done iterations. We picked one that represented the space better and would ultimately work better for the final project.

The general concept is a pool room over a Buddhist temple
Part 2 was to take the space and make a 3D model of it but with the same abstract formation and dramatic perspective that the drawing had. Let me tell you, those were the most rushed three days of my life. I was up until 2am the day of presenting, and it's an 8am class. I actually planned well for this one, but I had to redo part of it, which I didn't expect. Had that not happened, I would've slept at a decent time.

When it came time for the review, I was understandably nervous. Fortunately, our critics were my TA and another professor in the building. We presented two at a time with about a minute to explain our design. The professor seemed, like, highly intrigued by both of us. He kept saying that mine was interesting, and my TA's only recommendation was to use more images as textures, but overall they were impressed. I consider this a success.

Sadly, we had structural failure on the walk back to my dorm because of gale force winds. This is one of only two pictures taken of this project. Savor it.

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