Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas List

While everyone else is doing their yearly reviews, I'm going to focus on what really matters: stuff.

I've tried very hard to be good this year, despite the hand that was dealt to me by the universe. I've kept a Wishlist on this blog for a while, but those are typically things that I plan to get for myself. They also tend to be more practical items. The Christmas List is something different. This year, in an effort to remain humble, I've kept my list fairly simple.

1. $3,000,000,000 in cash, sans tax
I feel like this one goes without needing a reason. There's so much I could do with $3 billion, like disappear completely from my life and have no need to make an appearance ever again.

2. An import, or 12
I'm but a sad child who just wants my own horse.

Or Game Over, tbh, cause he's precious
3. Custom Dressage saddle
I bought the jumping saddle plus fittings. Someone has to give me a break on this one.

4. A custom built home for my fish, Rembrandt
I'll gladly design it, but someone else is building it. I'm an architect not an engineer.

5. First place at medal finals
Any medal final. I don't care at this point. Just let me be successful.

#tbt to getting 3rd out of 3 ✌
6. My degree
I have s u f f e r e d through physics. Let me be an architect already.

7. The entirety of the German showjumping team from every Olympics (but only the ones who are still alive or else that'd be awkward).
Again, shouldn't have to explain this one. It's pretty obvious,

8. Equine Couture Bindia Saddle Pad
I'm convinced it's magical. This is an actual need at this point.

9. Ben Maher
Except he has to come with Tripple X. I will not settle.

10. While we're at it, I'll take Uta Graf, too
Her seat. I need it.


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