Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Begin Again

Ah yes, another semester of suffering.

Today marked my official start of architecture studio. I'm excited but also terrified; I watched fellow students and brothers go through junior and senior studio last semester. It was a trip, I'll tell you that. My less important classes will begin tomorrow, but one of them already has a reading to do before the first day. I also don't know when I'm going to get the book for one of my other architecture classes. Fun times, folks.

The eq team had their first meeting yesterday. I'm pretty sure we've officially hit the 40 member mark, which is insane. We also got the lesson schedule, and I am on Fridays at 11am, which means I have to book it out of my 9am class that ends at 10. Also means I'll be wearing riding clothing early in the morning then have to bathe and change before studio at 2pm. I'm praying that we get back on time.

already miss the old man
I've put together a regular workout schedule, but since I got back on Sunday and didn't have class until today, I kinda haphazardly went to the gym these past couple of days. It's less me needing to work out and more me needing to keep myself occupied. I rested on Sunday night then did two workouts on Monday. The morning was mainly cardio and some abs. The evening was more cardio, then legs, but I didn't have my brace, and my left knee was not having it.

Tuesday was cardio, arms, and some legs. Basically, I can't feel my legs right now, and I don't imagine I'll be able to feel them again anytime soon. I did more arms this morning. I'm in this weird place where I feel exhausted and unable to do more when I'm in the gym, but the lack of tightness afterwards tells me that, nah, I didn't do enough. I just wanna be buff.

After some really wacky interval training
Also, push ups. Every workout has push ups.

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