Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Like an episode of House Hunters

If you've watched House Hunters, you know how an episode typically goes: a client (usually a couple) is looking to buy a house with amenities that include but are not limited to:
  • a large kitchen
  • "open concept" (Le Corbusier ruined architecture with this term)
  • large master suite with walk in closets and TWO sinks in the bathroom
  • a large yard
  • other assorted large items
  • updated appliances
  • etc.
And then their budget is the monetary equivalent of the burnt edges on baked mac & cheese: good, but not sufficient.

image from Sizzle
Sticker shock is a real thing, and it applies to leasing horses as well. My list of "amenities" didn't seem long: jumps 3'0", schools first level, at least 15.2hh, some show experience, and an owner willing to do an off site lease for no more than $300 per month. Not much, right? Well, the equivalent in terms of homes would be like trying to find a mold free studio apartment right next to Time Square with a parking space included. All for the same price.

"lmao, you cray"
I eventually struck almost everything on that list and was set up to try two mares when I got home over winter break. In an odd twist of events, the end of 2016 saw some redemption. I was standing in line at Cafe Rio, right after a really good lesson, when Miss El texted me about Silver. I let her know that I was interested and planned to try him on the same day I was trying the other mares.

Then, by chance, I ended up riding him the day after I got home.

And then I cancelled the other trials because it wasn't getting any better than Silvie.

I had my hesitations with him, but my hesitations with the other two were much more pertinent, and one of them gave me worries about the facility owner. So, while there isn't a nice, fancy warmblood waiting to be shipped to my home town in May, I got this old, ornery, ass kicker instead.

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  1. Yay silver! So glad this is gonna work out!! Also I totally had a lease horse that met all your criteria (except height lol), but the trick in finding her was that she did exactly zero of those things before I rode her and her owner had no ambition for those things either. She was just a fun time trail horse. Who... Happened to be able to jump 3' and do 1st level dressage with a little work. Sometimes things work out like that! Can't wait to see how things go with Silver!


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