Saturday, December 13, 2014

Feels like the before finals fear fest

I'm currently at the hotel retyping a post that was ready to be published before my tablet decided too freeze up and shut down. If you hear a tinge of annoyance in my tone, that is why.

We had a lesson today with the whole team, all the flat and jump riders. I was on Corbin. We warmed up together, then we all did a mock flat class. Corbin was behind my leg and unfocused the entire time. There was no forward. Our pyramid had no base. The canter transitions were horrid.

We did the crossbar at the trot and canter, and suddenly Corbin had energy. Miss J reminded me to keep my butt closer to the saddle since Corbin has a flatter form over fences. We did a line, too. The first time through, the first fence, an oxer, wasn't the best. I had a good tempo up until a few strides before. I picked a good distance, a bit long but doable, but I looked down, so we chipped, then we had to straighten out, and we were still straightening over the second fence. The second round through was much better. We got both distances. While there was some wiggling in between, the second fence genuinely felt perfect. I only get that feeling every once in a while (with one of those moments being when I questioned my lineage).

Now that I've spent 15 minutes re-doing this post, I think I'll go to bed now.

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  1. love the feeling of a perfect fence!! it's definitely what keeps me going :)


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