Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Product Review: Equestrian Home Accessories CC Baroque Saddlepad

My, what a mouthful. A while back, as I was making sets on Polyvore, I came across a site selling some very unique saddlepads. Of course, no saddlepad collection is complete without a patterned pad, so I got myself a nice Venetia pad.

I waited maybe three days before it showed up in the mail (website said 5-10 days, so I was happy). I was honestly expecting a basic, navy blue square pad with some moderately shiny threads, ya know, your average saddlepad, just prettier. I was surprised to see that the blue on the pad was actually cords of a velvety material. "Moderately shiny" is an insult to the threads on this pad.

Close up of the material
Long story short, the thing is gorgeous, and it fits very well under the Stubben. The filling is slightly thicker than my other square pads—with most of those pads being Rider's International pads from Dover. It isn't thick enough to impede saddle fit in the slightest, and the filling itself is soft to press against. The construction of the pad is sturdy as well. They're also contoured, which is a huge plus in my opinion.

Thicker, but not super thick
Of my small business buys, this is absolutely a favorite. 10/10 would recommend. If you don't like this pad color or pattern, there are a variety of Baroque pads to choose from.

They even have fun prints:

Seriously, don't delay. These would make great, unique Christmas presents *wink wink*.


  1. wow that pad really is very pretty close up - i wouldn't have expected that level of detail! is it holding up nicely?

    1. It's help up great so far. I was so surprised when it came in. The top layer is super soft too.

    2. Very interesting! I think my mare would look fab in something so luxe and fancy too... :)


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