Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Product Review: Tredstep Symphony No. 4 Nero Breeches

Sometime back when I had picked out a dress to order for the awards banquet this year, I decided that I also needed a pair of breeches, so I asked my mom for her credit card and splurged on a pair of Tredsteps. I needed a pair of French Blue breeches. Every collection must have a pair of French Blue breeches.

In reality, the breeches were Slate Blue, which is about a shade or two lighter than French Blue, but close enough, and the breeches were true to color. I actually got the right size this time, too. When the breeches arrived, and I tried them on for the first time, I was disheartened. Both pairs of my Tredsteps are made of a stiff fabric, and the ankles are worse than skinny jeans. They felt very tight, but I'm not one to quit on the first try.

The next day, I donned them to the SATs and then to the barn. After a three hour test, and hour and a half on a horse, then a two hour conversation, I have no complaints. I don't know what happened. I don't know if the breeches just needed some breaking in. I don't know if a Tredstep intern body mapped me in my sleep and took the breeches back to headquarters to have them custom adjusted to me as part of some initiation process. I don't know, but the pants were honestly very comfortable to ride and sit and walk and run in.

The u-knee-que knee patches
The double belt loops and integrated calf are definitely my favorite features, but the fabric intrigues me. It's very thin and taught; however, to my surprise, it's woven tightly. It rained the day I rode in these, and I hate the cold with a burning passion. I didn't freeze in these breeches, even though it was a thinner fabric. I thought that I would have to limit these to spring and fall, but I think they'll serve me well through the winter with my fleece tights underneath.

Integrated calf
Overall, these breeches surprised me, and in the good way. I'm waiting for an excuse to get another pair of Tredsteps, but, for now, my Neros are the favorite child in my fashion family.


  1. glad you like them - and i actually really like that color too! i got a pair of the trestep symphonies a few months back for my tan show pants, and LOVE them! then recently saw a full seat white pair on tackoftheday.com for a suuuuper discount and was quite happy to snatch them up.

    1. I also show in a pair of Symphony No. 3 breeches, but I had to replace them because I bought the wrong size. The fabric is awesome.


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