Sunday, December 28, 2014

No, trainer. Bad trainer.

Perhaps I am over reacting, but there's something to be said when you suddenly get put on the most stereotypical pony after riding mainly horses for two months. I guess I should have seen it coming, and I know it's for my own good; I don't exceed the height limit for ponies at the IEA shows, therefore, I should be able to control the little beasts while also looking good. Still, I was not pleased.

The pony in question is Christopher Robin. He's a short, fat little thing, and he would have rather pinned his ears and continued eating than be pestered by my tacking up process. Honestly, he is so fat, I couldn't believe how easy it was to put the girth on. It had to have been a 52". He was easy enough to tack up, and he stood nice and still while I got on and adjusted everything. Part of my minimal excitement to ride him is due to how he acts with other riders (just like Rosie). He is the definition of sass. I must have caught him on a good day.

Warm-up commenced, and he was super good at the walk and trot. Christopher is responsive and pretty forward, plus he knows his Dressage. His only fault would be that he loses focus fairly easily, and so do I, and that led to some not so nice circles. He was great to canter to the left and stepped off okay. To the right, he didn't want to canter from the halt, so he had a bucking fit, then he picked up the wrong lead. After I switched him, we did half a lap of angry, why-are-you-making-me-do-things canter before he finally settled into a quiet, relaxed little angel.

He was a lot more eager going to the fences than the last time I saw someone riding. He really wanted to canter the first time, but I held him back. We had a bit of a foot mix-up when we actually cantered the crossbar, but we made it over and stayed together. Miss J set everything down to 2' for Christopher and me. His weight plus my own was not making it over 2'6", especially not an oxer. We did the bending line without issue, then we moved onto a course. It started with the oxer to rolltop line. He did them both beautifully. Then we made a sharp turn to the derby fence. Cleared. Then the grey boxes, which I didn't think he'd be able to do, but damn that's one good pony. Cleared it like a pro.

To finish off, Miss J set the brick to 3' for B, Cas, and Izzy, then 2'6" (might have been 2'9") for Hail, Sunny, and DeM, then 2'3" for me, which Christopher eagerly launched himself over. He could've cleared a 2'6" fence with that kind of effort. Christopher is such an adorable little thing, and I like him more now than I did before, but I must remember that even Satan holds the door for people sometimes.

On a super note, after much stalling, milling, and a considerable amount of shaking, I finally coughed up the courage to ask about showing Corbin next year. Miss J is fine with me riding every other week. She wants me to ride Corbin more in the team lessons but still make sure that I get in enough time on other horses. I think that's a great plan. For now, it's a go, but there are still details to be discussed.

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  1. aww glad you had a fun ride with the ponykins!! he sounds like a real character lol


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