Monday, May 4, 2015

Ah, yes, freedom

I did not ride at all last week. Life got in the way, but I did write my first ten page paper. Not as enjoyable of an experience as it sounds. It's pretty relieving to sit in a study hall and have time to blog instead of completing copious amounts of homework. When am I done with school again?

After surviving the week, I took a lesson on Sunday with Miss S. I had the crop as a precaution with Baby, but she didn't need it at all. The two refusals that we had were fixed with leg and persuasive clucking. Equitation was difficult to do mainly because I'm still nervous about jumping her in the big outdoor, so my position automatically gets defensive.

She was somewhere between uncontrollably strong and dead quiet, so I guess that's an improvement. I still want to do more technical work over smaller fences. I think that'll continue to benefit the both of us.

In other horsey news, my new (read: replacement) show pad came in, and it looks great. Now I'm waiting to see how it works out, but I've come to expect a certain type of quality from Shires.


  1. fun pics! baby makes it look very easy ;)

    1. That's why we're doing 3' this year :P


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