Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We need good vibes

And now this reminds me of a large book on horses that I have with one of the chapters going in depth with equine feng shui.

I tend to forget to mention the good things that happen, but they do, in fact, happen. After having some canter difficulties that lasted through last week and up into my warm-up, it came together when I flatted for the medal (probably because the judge asked for the canter the minute we got on the rail). The judges were tough this weekend, but not in a way that I felt overwhelmed. They simply asked more than the majority of my past judges have asked.

I also received news that this little site was named one of Animal Health UK's 13 Most Enriching Equestrian Blogs of 2015. So, to any readers joining us from across the pond, hello (that was in an English accent). I'd be really really happy if the queen paid a visit. Her ponies are adorable.

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  1. It can be difficult to focus on the positive when you're feeling blue, but it's important to keep your spirits up! I've started to MAKE myself say 3 positive things when I feel really negatively towards a situation.

  2. congrats on the blog shout out! and that's awesome that everything came together for the canter during your class - horses sure do have a funny sense of timing lol


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