Sunday, May 10, 2015

When you forget your chaps at home

You lunge instead. So that's what happened on Friday, and it was uneventful because Dork is still not putting in a whole lot of effort. I lunged her over some poles and a cross bar, then I rode her for a little bit, and finally a bareback trail ride with Shebsheb.

I tried out a longer stirrup on Thursday. It worked for the first half of the ride, then I couldn't stand it, and I've opted to put them back up. In my defense, because of the leathers on this saddle, it's a big jump between the holes, 1.5"-2". Both days, I attempted to canter over two consecutive poles, and I am still unable to do this successfully. Either Baby jumps over both or I can't place her feet right to the first one, and we plow through it. I'd swear it's impossible if we hadn't already done it in the past.

My first show of the season is coming up next weekend (which reminds me that I have entry forms to fill out), and I'm not sure when I'll be able to take a lesson this week. This is about to be a regionals repeat.


  1. i've definitely wrapped my legs in polos when i forgot chaps... it's not exactly fashion-forward but it works lol. also, re: poles - one of my fave exercises is four poles spaced: pole - 9' - pole - 18' - pole - 9'. so bounce, one stride, bounce (tho they're also very nicely spaced for trotting too). might take a couple times to get it right but it seems super educational for the ponies

    1. I'll definitely try that today. We're doing straight flatwork, then jumping on Thursday if Miss S is around (or I might have a lesson, not quite sure at this point).


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