Saturday, May 30, 2015

So much leg, so many meanings

For example, there's forward leg, which isn't exactly understood when the temperature rises. Then there's move over leg, which needs to be put in exactly the right place to get exactly the right response but still gets a half-assed movement even when put in the wrong spot. Then there's stop-falling-out-when-we-circle-you're-14-years-old-and-know-not-to-do-that leg . . . that's self-explanatory. (sidenote: I've actually always been interested in the fact that our legs can only go to so many places on the horse, yet they fully understand each cue as something very different from all the others. Wow, horses are cool.)

She was plodding again today, which is surprising because she was in since this morning. I initially thought that she would require some half halts, but after seeing how apathetic she was during grooming, I had no worries. It was going to be a leg day.

Other than being behind the leg, she was also pretty mouthy today. I tried to rectify it by releasing a bit of the contact and pushing her forward with my leg, but, I mean, she was behind my leg anyway. It didn't make much of a different, and the fact that the far end of the arena has turned into spook central didn't help much.

I put together some newer exercises today with the poles. I had planned on just doing a circle utilizing two canter poles so we could just work on cantering over poles, but it turned into a two-pointing exercise. We also did baby extensions (haha, I'm punny). The poles are ready to be moved out even more. She's getting comfortable with this distance, but she did pick her head up going to the raised poles. Before working on the extensions, I did some leg yielding, which was fantastic, so I didn't bother doing it too much. It needs some cleaning up on my end: shoulders back, keep the horse straight.

I'm going to ask Miss S to watch Baby in our lesson tomorrow. Her slowed gait has been more of a constant thing. I was watching her during our cool out these past two rides, and her hind end just looks a bit stiff. She's not a super young horse, but she's not old either, so I'm hoping it's either me being paranoid or just her needing some stretches.

Also, I graduated today.


  1. congrats on graduation! Baby looks great too btw

    1. Thank you! She's actually gained some weight :P but her topline is getting stronger


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