Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Very Brave Pixel

Three rides into the semester, and I've been blessed enough to be on my two chestnut boys. Plus, Dia brought her hot friend along. Score.

It was another fantastic ride, with its ups and downs of course but still fantastic. Pixel was his usual self, slow and low. He only got a bit hype when we passed one of the arena doors but otherwise just meh. We had a lot of good moments where he was right there in my hands instead of his usual trying to pull me down cause apparently stretchy trot is life. He was especially soft at the canter. To the left, he even held a small inside bend fairly well, but my issues with the right hinder any sort of correct work in that direction. In my defense, yesterday my left hip started hurting instead of the right. I'll take that as progress.

Pixel wondering why my right side can finally give cues
Coach had us do some no stirrup work as well and also trot/canter transitions. I made the mistake of wearing my slippery breeches (yeah, that's all they are to me now) thinking that she couldn't possibly make us do that much no stirrup work. My judgement is trash, friends. I toughed it out, but I was dying. Fortunately, it does help with the collapse because I can't brace on my stirrups, so sitting off center means that I'll fall off.

Jumping was an adventure. Half the time I was there 100% and the other half I didn't know what a release was. Pixel was having a look at everything, and we had one wobbly line with a refusal, but we got over everything in the end. The second to last combo, he decided that, while a vertical with trees on the side and a flower box underneath is nothing to balk at, the completely plain cross rail was actually going to kill him. We were coming up to a nice distance when he threw his head down and slid to a chip because cross rails are uber scary. We had no issues with our last go through.

"IT WAS VERY SCARY" lmao okay calm down


  1. cross rails eat horses, didn't you know?!? lol goofy horse

    1. I keep forgetting that he's just a green bean, but he's so laid back most of the time. It just slips my mind.


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