Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Eventing & such . . .

Yes, we're revisiting this. It seems like every time I think about it, I'm 50% down for eventing, then right after meeting with one of the team members, I'm 100%, then in the days following it trickles to me just daydreaming about running around a cross country course. I'm conflicted, to say the least.

The Eventing Team had a meeting on Thursday, which I attended because what the heck, why not? While I can't afford the dues for this semester, I offered to make them a flier and manage a website for them . . . and take pictures at events . . . and possibly offer my fundraising assistance. I consider this to be just dipping my toes.

My main reason for hesitation is because I am an officer on the Equitation Team, and I believe the position lasts through the end of next semester. It'd mainly be a scheduling issue. Eh, I'll figure it out when I need to.

1 comment:

  1. eh just hanging around and seeing what the team is like before actually committing sounds good to me


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