Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Might have noticed a slight change

If you (for some odd reason) pay special attention to my sidebar (no seriously that would be odd), you would notice the addition of the Intrepid International logo. Well, over winter break, I joined their team of bloggers, and I now write articles for Intrepid and their subordinate brands.

Feel free to check out my first couple of articles!

New Style Notification: The End of the Velcro Era
A look into the integrated calf trend and how it has slowly caused brands to phase out velcro leg closings.

Breeches on a Date? Absolutely.
Is the title not enough for you?

DIY: Equestrian Giftbox from Repurposed Cookie Tin
I have amassed a good number of ribbons over the years, and after being the only one to finish a whole box of cookies at my mom's office, I realized that I could combine the two into something cool.

"20 Minute Ride": How I Got My Confidence Back
Yet another reflection of my time with Baby and how my short workouts served a real purpose.


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