Monday, February 22, 2016


I typically like to make large barns, like 10+ stalls. That's what I enjoy. It's my comfort zone; however, I recognize that it's important for me to make the best of small spaces. Shedrows aren't inherently small, but they certainly save space. Plus, most of the ones I've seen in real life are max 5 stalls, so they have a condensed connotation in my mind.

This plan was originally just a rendering that I did last year in CADD. It looked nice, but stupid me fell asleep on the bus on my last day, and upon jolting awake at my stop, I left pretty much everything on the bus except my body, including the CD that had all my senior year projects on it.

It's simple (and it was pretty in the rendering). Some things I've learned from doing this one:

    1. Don't ever try to draw European stall fronts by hand
    2. That was the only thing. It's painful. Don't do it.
    3. I'm being serious. I regret it entirely #manyragrets
    4. Having to calculate your own dimensions while taking wall thickness into account sucks.

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