Monday, March 21, 2016

She's stepping it up on me

Darn you, Brit. She's started to make this whole exercise thing waaaaay more intense, and physically I wanna quit, but I'm too stubborn, and also she's really cool. Thank you, Brit, for existing.

Full workout schedule:

    - jog for however long an episode of Grey's Anatomy is
    - 50 crunches, 50 side crunches, 50 bicycle (3x)
    - 50 Russain twists
    - switched off between partner sit-ups and this rolly thing
    - weird, 3-way, plank thing
    - 100 crunches

Yeah, it was only me, Brit, and Kal, and figuring out how to turn partner exercises into three person exercises was a struggle, but we made it through.

My endurance continues to go up. I can do the 50 crunches and side crunches straight without breaking, but the bicycle crunches are still a struggle. I got through the 100 crunches as well without complaint. I still struggle with picking out the right running speed; I want to make sure that I'm actually getting a work out, but I still have to be aware of that dumb asthma nonsense that I should've grown out of a long time ago but genes so uuuuggghhhh. I have found that rap is the best music to run to.

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