Saturday, March 26, 2016

Yup, ponies will be the death of me

10 months, 10 days . . .

The chestnut pony was quite docile to tack up yesterday, which is quite far from his usual pace/eat/stare off at scary bits of dust/pace antics. I should've known right then.

One mischievous pony . . .
After fighting vehemently with my stirrups to get the right length, he settled into a nice trot. He was much nicer about moving left and right off my leg, but he's still a backed off pony and takes a bit to get going. We finally got to ride on the outdoor, and Coach had us trot around the outside of the ring, and while he giraffed the whole time, he was still attentive. He did have a moment off sass at the canter, which we corrected quickly, but he was fine after that. He even jumped our warm-up fence and first set super duper nice, and got a quick simple change. Might as well call him the World's Chillest Pony, right?

One majestic pony
WRONG. To put it simply, Pixel is a chicken, especially over fences. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that he hates blue barrels (tbh I kinda hate 'em too, but somebody has to be the grown up in this relationship). We tried to trot up to it the first time, and he just nnnoped it to the side, then took off crow hopping. I settled him, and he trot over it just fine like a big boy. Then, we tried to canter it, because now that he's trotted over it, he can canter over it, right?

WRONG. Little bugger lost it at the last second, ducked quickly, and threw me off. It had been 10 months and 10 days since my last fall, and I was finally thwarted by a large pony. Coach said I had it coming considering the fact that I've been riding a greenie. Heh, just let me dream. Unfortunately, I did land on my head (which hasn't happened in a very long time), and there was a moment where I feared that I'd sustained a concussion. I sat down for a moment whilst everyone finished up, then I hopped back on and took the pon over a cross rail. It was arguably our best jump of the day.

I still love him


  1. Ponies are evil dirty monsters like that. I hope you aren't too sore as the days go on.

    1. I've been trying to give him credit because he isn't the stereotypical pony . . . but he done went and did this nonsense, so now I don't know

  2. Aw boo :( glad you don't have a concussion tho!! It's been about .... Just under 24hrs since I last fell so... I relate haha. At least I landed on my feet tho?

    1. Foot landings are the best. At that point, it's not a fall. It's vaulting. You have natural talent :P

  3. Replies
    1. Ooof, I'm trying not to think about it. I'd take a solid guess and say that this helmet could probably let me survive a fall of similar impact, but it'd most likely collapse, and I'd probably get an actual concussion.


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