Monday, March 14, 2016

So that's what it's like to be a Dressage rider

After a week of mostly death due to midterms, I'm glad to finally be on spring break with exactly 0 (okay, minimal, but I like to think there are none) obligations to worry about. Workouts have continued at a slow place. I dragged Dia on a run on Wednesday and lowkey forced her to do abs, but she's still alive, so it was worth it. Also, I promise to actually post a set this week. I've continued to traipse around Amazon looking for cheap shirts, and they're looking decent in the sets.

At around 6am on Friday morning, after spending 5 hours working on a paper that I would actually have to scrap and spend 5 more hours writing in the correct format, I got a sweet message from barn owner C inviting me out to the barn once I got home. I had to cancel my lesson at school this week due to the dorm closing rather early, so I 100% said yes.

My beautiful wife
I rode Gigi, who's a green, semi-baby (she's like 6). I explained my constant issues with the right side collapse, which (unfortunately) is related to my weak core, and means that (unfortunately) I will have to hurt more in the abs before I can stop hurting in the hip. It's a total win/win. The main focus was to prevent me from locking my ankles, which in turn locks my leg. It's fairly easy to see in my first ride on Abbey. We fixed this issue by having me work in sitting trot sans stirrups for the majority of the lesson. When trainer had me pick them up again, the idea was to not change anything, as in stay on my seat and not rely on my braced leg to keep my body still.

And that was definitely the biggest takeaway from Saturday. Don't change a thing. Aside from finally being able to soften my ankle, a lot of mental habits seemed to subside as well. Once I got my seat situated without my stirrups, I felt much more secure and able to correct mistakes. It's pretty nice to feel in tune with the pon.

Miss Goober


  1. why is not bracing so hard tho?!? also that horse is precious in her pink halter

    1. It's actually red and the pic is horribly bleached, but I 100% agree with you, and I would ask the BO to get her a pink halter, but they specifically get red because of the barn name.


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