Friday, March 27, 2015

Wednesday, Friday . . .

And only one video because I'm lazy. Not gonna lie, Wednesday was a super lazy day for me. I was in two-point for two laps at the walk, didn't bother to stretch at the trot, did a little bit of canter work. I really have been pushing myself to canter, though. I go into most rides only wanting to walk and trot, and then I get to a point where I'm trotting and feel like I've done a lot of work, but I know I haven't, so I throw in the canter, likely with transitions.

I considered doing limited two-point work today as well, but then I thought "What would Beezie do?" and, in reality, Beezie probably doesn't two-point at the start of every ride 'cause she knows what she's doing. However, if we consider "What would Miss J do?", then there is an incentive to two-point for the fear of having to run laps on Sunday.

I've been trying Carolyn's old saddle instead of the old Stubben (because another girl who will be in my lesson uses it). I think it's a better fit for Baby, but the flap is definitely forward, and the seat is bigger.

I haven't looked at the video from today yet (yeah, the one at the bottom of this post that I just edited and uploaded and haven't bothered reviewing yet because Netflix is calling), so I can't say much about the fit for me. I've ridden in the halter as well the past two rides; a sidepull is about to be ordered (and in many pieces at that).

She was more uppity today, partially because of some serious rain both today and yesterday. Even while being inside, she managed to get absolutely filthy. Dirt + shedding = one nasty pile of stuff to sweep away. Today was a fairly light day on her part, basic walk and trot with canter/halt transitions on a figure-8, which I need to not tip forward while doing. I did some work on my sitting trot, starting with sitting sans stirrups, then picking up and dropping them a couple of times to keep from bracing my foot on the iron (and to just practice picking up the iron).

Hopefully I'll be able to ride early tomorrow, then I have back to back lessons on Sunday with Miss J. I'm partially hoping that I don't get Corbin because I don't want to deal with that, but, at the same time, I have to deal with that, but then Dusty is available, and I look pretty cute on Christopher Robin.


  1. im pretty sure that the answer is yes - trainers are absolutely trying to kill us haha. baby looks good tho!

    1. Considering the extensions and collections of this past weekend, I'm 99% sure they're trying to kill us. Thank you!


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