Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"As above, so below"

I videod some of my recent rides for a critique on the forum, and wow. Saying that I was surprised would be an understatement; I'm flabbergasted, to the point where I've had an epiphany about the vertical balance related to riding.

I've worked and worked and worked on my leg for about a year now. I'm sure I had something about it in every post. But it seems that my base isn't as stable as I thought it was. I have a stiff ankle, yes, a stiff ankle of all things. Plus, the saddle that I'm borrowing isn't helping me out because it's too narrow for Baby. The stiff ankle is stiffening my leg, which causes both the knee to pinch and my leg to move forward, which then moves to a seat too far back in the saddle, which forces my shoulders forward so that I can actually stay on the horse. Stiff back, stiff shoulders, stiff leg; as above, so below.

And while this is a type of horror movie for me, I am determined to have a happy ending. I'm switching back to Miss S's Stubben, I'm getting lunge lines lessons with Miss El if I can, and I'm requesting to ride either Oreo or Rosie when we have our next lesson. I will take absolutely any and all advice on fixing this.

Most recent ride on tape:

I will say that Baby has been fantastic this past week. The jigging is happening less often, and she has been super relaxed and easy off my aids.


  1. it's kinda crazy how one little piece being off kilter screws everything else up haha. good luck sorting it out! maybe some no stirrups work will help your seat etc become more independent from the bum ankle ? (at least, no stirrups work is on my docket of 'things to do' haha)

    1. I've found that it helps with the thigh, but I was warned to be careful with knee pinching. Riding is complicated. I should've stuck with soccer :P


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