Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Okay, no more waiting

I would've given a little update on Saturday night, but I was too busy laying on the floor of a hotel hallway and telling people that they aren't as punk rock as they think.

I saw the face of J² for the first time in three weeks. I was sitting down for most of Saturday, only getting up to let Buster relieve himself. It was nice.

Eq Kid's Best Friend
Sunday started out great. I actually ate that morning, and the nerves didn't get bad, so I just kind of kept eating. By the time they called me to draw, I was shaking, and we had to wait around for a while because the steward was preoccupied. I drew Cassie, a 14.1 pony. Getting tired of these ponies.

I did like that the saddle was a plain flap, even if it was so small that my leg was going past the flap. She's kind of like Christopher Robin, but more forward. Warm-up was okay, bombed a turn, but it was warm-up. My course wasn't up to par. I picked up the wrong lead from the start, which pretty much guaranteed that I wasn't going any further with IEA. A couple harsh turns and strange hand movements made it feel a lot more like a jumper round. It wasn't terrible, but it didn't compare. I was called for 8th place (which is weird because they were only placing first through sixth).

Now that daylight savings has happened, we're getting more daylight (duh), and this entire week is supposed to be in the fifties and sixties, so I'm taking advantage of the nice weather and getting out to ride Baby. Technically, I should already be on the three times a week schedule, so Thursday and Friday are on the schedule. I rode her on Monday, and it was mostly walk and trot with a little bit of canter.

I tried to do some poles again, but I suck at measuring.

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  1. bummer you didn't feel like it was the best ride... pony draws are never my favorite either. hope you had fun tho!! baby looks very cute in the video :)


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