Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fashion Thursday: Lily Hermès

They are calling for more snow tomorrow morning. I am done.

Lily Hermés

1. Ariat Monaco Field Boot
2. Lilly Pulitzer Quarter Zip
    currently unavailable, but a similar shirt can be found here
3. SSG Lyrochet Horseshoe Glove
4. Ariat Heritage Knee Patch Front Zip Breech
5. Hermes Logo Belt
6. HKM Seaside Function Saddlepad


  1. i love the color of those breeches. i have a similar pair (tho sliiiiiiightly mossier, if that makes sense) and love them - EXCEPT they are very unfortunately cut in the zipper/pockets/crotch region... boo haha

  2. Your fashion Thursdays are everything. I wish I had more polyvore time!

    1. Thank you! Try the app out. It's made drafting sets super easy for me :)


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