Friday, March 13, 2015

And spring continues

10 Characteristics of a Perfect Ride:

-Relaxed pon
-Arena sans jumps
-Your fav pair of breeches
-Pole work that takes almost no effort to set up
-Minimal tail swishing
-Mild aggression towards exercise ball during cool out
-0 arguments
-That perfect breeze going right through the center of the indoor plus open windows for a nice view
-On fleek footing

Maybe it's spring fever, but I'll take calm and slightly lethargic Baby over about to run the Kentucky Derby Baby any day. The temperatures are rising fairly quickly, and Baby is still a mammoth, so rides over the next couple of weeks just either be short or not very strenuous. She always seems to do best with shorter, straight work out rides. I am a master of the 20 minute ride.

My right side is still collapsing, more so than usual, and it's the main cause for issues when going to the right. I barely have use of my right side from the hip down. So much for leg yielding. I think I'm in need of some serious no stirrup work.

You got treat?
We did some basic trot poles and a three pole arc. Our main issue was, you guessed it, swerving right because the leg didn't make as much contact as the left leg. I think the arc on the end of a circle helps with straightening myself out and strengthening the leg as well because I'm forced to maintain a bend or else I screw up the exercise.

We did a little bit of canter work, just over a lap total because I was feeling lazy, and she had already been satisfactory during the pole work.

I had such a nice ride that I even started petting the barn cats. I'm allergic to those fluff balls.
Begging for my worship


  1. That's one insistent cat haha! Sounds like a great ride - yay spring!

    1. He's the one that jumps up for scratches. Cats are the best!


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