Wednesday, July 8, 2015

After a half hour of walking

This week for me started with a two-day college orientation, which was surprisingly enjoyable despite my bother's rant. The architecture school is small, only 200 students in total, and my orientation group only had three people. There were a number of awkward silences on the first day, but we got to be pretty friendly by the end of it all.

Scheduling was done on Tuesday morning. I planned out my days to start no earlier than 9am. My latest class ends at 5:50pm, but it's only once a week. What's the significance of it all? Well it pretty much means that I can easily do afternoon lessons almost any day of the week, and if I have something else to do, I still have weekends.

After scheduling, we did some housekeeping items, and the group didn't mind taking a trip past the campus barn.

I stopped by after the orientation was over. It took me a half hour to find again (in that Maryland heat and humidity), but I did get there, and I talked to the barn manager about the equestrian club (different from the team). There are various types of memberships. I'm looking into it in the event that the team takes up too much time. It's a convenient back up, and it's less expensive. We'll see. I have just under two months of freedom left.

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