Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hey canter poles

Go be difficult somewhere else.

Yup, catering over poles is still an issue except this time it's rhythm and staying on the correct lead. If I needed proof that Music is getting more fit, this was it. She powered over those poles after a solid workout. Her transitions are getting better and better. Now to work on maintaining the canter.

The trot continues to come along, and the walk is, well, it is. We don't have a good marching walk, which it's surprising because she'll get pretty forward at the trot and canter if I ask her to (and if I don't ask her to).

I'd say warm-up was more brutal today than the actual ride. There were airplanes and ladders and back strokes (personal fave) and that windmill toe touch thing that makes me feel like a broken old lady. Yeah, my shoulders ache, but they'll be softer in due time.

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