Friday, July 10, 2015

Don't stop unless told to rest

The work ethic was lacking yesterday evening. Music was trying to walk at every chance she got, like, c'mon, I thought we were kind of friends.

We continue to work on the rhythm, and with how much she lags, I think it's fair to assume that we have relaxation (for the most part). Miss El was getting on me about getting Music to bend and use my inside leg rather than hanging on the outside rein, which has become a habit. It took a lot of circles, leaving the arena twice, and a lecture before we started getting some good bends.

The canter was better in terms of transitions, although we did have two missed leads. We could maintain it for almost a lap before she broke, but I will admit that I was squeezing my knees and not sinking into my heel as much as I usually do.

Miss El then set up trot poles with the goal being to come at them calmly with the correct tempo. They got rolled out a couple of times before she put up a small vertical. Took my first jump with the Hippo. We took the fence four times before calling it a day and heading in. Very productive if I do say so myself.

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