Friday, July 3, 2015

Attempting self discipline again

After thinking deeply about having a super lazy ride last week when the original plan was to actually work, I've kicked myself in the butt about, essentially, getting shit done. I've lost quite a bit of confidence since IEA ended, so getting back to that point is my goal with Music. Miss El is also giving me homework for my free rides, and she was in the ring this week. Couldn't take a free day.

Music is getting a lot better about her face, and I was able to walk up to her stall on both days without her backing up or getting nervous. She had her ears pricked forward, waiting for a treat.

Our lesson on Tuesday was pretty heavy work, lots of two point and just general fitness. We did the extension/collection exercise that Miss J had us do a while ago, except this was much simpler because Music is so out of shape. She's not half bad at maintaining either gait, but the transition needs work because it's not very relaxed. It took quite an effort to canter, and we didn't get the left lead at all, but by that time she was pretty warn. In Miss El's words, "She's an old fat lady." Can't do much about that except what we're doing.

My instructions for Wednesday were to do exactly what we did during the lesson. Of course there were variations such as a lot more breaks (mainly for myself) and a lap of trot around the track. I did get the canter transitions on the first try both directions. Boo yah!

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