Saturday, July 25, 2015

Digging & (Google) Searching

And it didn't yield a ton of information, but I have some history on Music now.

So, I was wrong about her age. She's 23 this year. Talk about old lady. She's also a part bred, which is surprising considering how full she is.
from Mid-Atlantic CB Show Series
from White Horse Productions
Her sire, Ramblers Renown (above), was pretty renown in the Cleveland Bay world. He was imported from Canada and became a well sought after stallion at IdleHour Stud. From Chronicle of the Horse:
Ramblers Renown (Fisherman--April Love) arrived at Thomas and Marilyn Webster's IdleHour Stud as a foundation stallion in 1989 upon the recommendation of Alexander Mackay-Smith, who was the first person to import Cleveland Bays from England in the 1930s.
For years, Marilyn rode Ramblers Renown in the local hunts and eventing competitions, earning many top honors. In 1998, Ramblers Renown won the Purebred Cleveland Bay Performance Award, and either he or his offspring have won the award every year since then.

Ramblers Renown continued his breeding career right up until a year before his death and currently has more than 100 offspring on the ground, many of which exemplify their sire's attractive conformation, jumping ability and braveness. He sired Idlehour McHenry, a fourth level dressage horse and winner of the beginner novice at the 2006 Wellpride American Eventing Championships (N.C.), and seven MFHs are currently hunting Ramblers Renown offspring.
What's also interesting to note is that Idlehour McHenry is Music's full brother.
Music didn't do a whole lot in terms of competition besides dressage, but she has a bunch of babies, one of which, Belladonna Quasar, is standing at stud right now.
from Magnific Sporthorses
Here's another baby, Dutch Timber, the Upperville Horse Show 2015 Cleveland Bay Champion.
from Mid-Atlantic CB Show Series
There are no more babies in Music's future (at least I don't think, but she's had quite a bit, so I think she's done), but I'm fortunate to have a horse like her to work with.

I also did find the Mid-Atlantic Cleveland Bay Show Series, and those shows are definitely a possibility for next year. If the foals are doing well, might as well bring out the mother ship herself.


  1. Cleveland Bays are a favourite breed of mine! Congrats <3

    1. They're made their way to the top for me, too. Brains and bone! :)

  2. sounds like she's been quite prolific!

    1. I feel pretty lucky to have her, and I'm excited to see where we'll go :)

  3. Isn't Google great?! How awesome that you were able to find out more about her, her lineage and her babies!


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