Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Be Mine, Valentine

Valentine's day? In July (almost August)? Not quite, but if you fancy a lady equestrian, you might want to ditch the chocolate next year because there's something even better.

Valentine Equine is a line of luxury show apparel established on the island of Bali in 2013. They create a variety of equestrian items that are meant to be both beautiful and practical. While they do have yearly collections available, you can also have items custom made. Valentine offers a number of fabrics to choose from, all imported, some even from top designers.

While the show shirts and jackets may not fit into the traditional American show scene, 1) who cares, wear it anyway, 2) if they don't like it then school in it and share lots and lots of pictures, and 3) there are still other items that allow you to dress the part.

They also have an After Riding section with some pretty cute scarves!

At this point, why wait until Valentine's Day? "Early Christmas Present" has quite the ring to it.


All images are from the Valentine Equine website


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