Thursday, December 31, 2015

2k15: A Review

Yeah, we're doing this again. I like year end reflections because I can shamelessly praise myself.

So, yeah, this year was an adventure, but I had already predicted that in January, so cheers to me for being psychic. There were a lot of ups and downs. I was definitely riding on a high from, like, October to April because so many things were going right, but what goes up must come down. I crashed, literally and metaphorically, and while it started out slow, it got pretty bad pretty quick. I finally bit the bullet and switched barns, but it was long overdue at that point, and I'm still working through the issues, slowly but surely.

So, key events for this year in chronological order:
    - Saw Jacob Pope in the flesh   
    - Went to WEF

    - Took risks with Zoey
    - Encountered & conquered Corbinators 4.0, 3.5, and 4.0 Junior Edition

    - Probably screamed profanities at the snow at some point
    - Actually became a partner with Baby
    - Kinda got it together with Molly
    - Competed at IEA Regionals
    - Schooled at 3'0"ish

    - Crashed and burned
    - Switched trainers
    - Opened up my apparel shop
    - Joined an IHSA team
    - Went to WIHS

    - Rode in a Dressage saddle

Yes, cursing at snow is a key event. But I did also get snow pictures which was nice.

In August, I listed out four new goals for the remainder of the year, and I pretty much halfway accomplished all of them, so they're getting checks in my book.

✔Not panic at my first IHSA show
It was a two day show, and while I panicked on Saturday, it subsided halfway through the class, and then I didn't panic at all on Sunday, so high five to me.

✔Re-establish the sitting trot/canter
Sitting in a huntseat saddle is #TheStruggle, but I can kinda do it in a Dressage saddle, so there's that and another high five.

✔Soften and sit up to fences
Actually yes, we did accomplish this, mainly with the help of Sir Victor, but he also helped me make a slight adjustment to my jumping style as well. Here's a third high five for my ability to adjust.

✔Have more confidence on strong horses
Eh, I haven't really ridden any strong horses since I got to school. I've been on forward horses, but they're all fairly responsive when I panic and say whoa. Whatever, forward horses were an issue anyway, plus I can't 100% control all the variables, so there's the final high five.

So, what's in store for next year? No idea. Don't really wanna think about it. We'll get there when we get there.

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  1. i say give yourself all the high fives available - being adjustable as a rider is maybe one of the single most difficult things. and hopefully you have a wonderful 2016 packed full of all kinds of good things you can't even anticipate yet ;)


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