Monday, December 14, 2015

Horses & High Fashion: Is there a better combination?

I have a confession to make. Back a long time ago (i.e. like 3 years), before I liked polo shirts, before my Polyvore even existed, before this blog was even a passing thought, I hated people who dressed up for riding. Yes, it's true. I thought it was the dumbest thing, but now I have a passion for fashion and a button down collection that could perhaps use some thinning.

As I was just beginning to find my own style, I came across a post by Style My Ride on Pinterest, and I was hooked instantly. I've never been one to dress conservatively, and their out of the box looks greatly intrigued me.

Taylor Burns for Style My Ride
I had a chance to talk with Noelle King, president of Style My Ride and Judge My Ride. Noelle has always been a lover of fashion, but the idea was influenced by then junior rider Taylor Land, who was already winning Grand Prixs in Show Jumping. Noelle says, "Taylor was one of the inspirations that helped shape the idea that had been formulating in my mind since I first fell in love with horses and fashion growing up." Taylor would sometimes even throw a tutu over her breeches just for the heck of it. For her and many others, fashion is a form of expression. Taylor's style made Noelle think about the combination of equestrian and everyday clothing to create an iconic look that tied together two worlds. Thus, the idea for SMR was born.

Taylor Land for Style My Ride
In 2013, Courtney Westmoreland-Rider joined the SMR team. Around the same time, SMR reached out to the esteemed De Niro Boot Company. Their partnership led to Noelle's next idea: the Vincero. If you remember the Crxssover post from this past spring, then you'll already know exactly how I feel about the Vincero: genius idea. Vinceros are custom boots made by De Niro for SMR, except they're a little bit different. They all feature interchangeable tops (and more recently interchangeable zip guards on polo boots). You can have a simple black boot with, say, four different tops to match with various outfits for various occasions. That's some serious convenience. Not to mention, Vinceros also have the same quality of all De Niro boots. After using the first pair of Vinceros for a shoot, Noelle field tested them and assured that the tops stay absolutely in place with no issues at all. They sound like the perfect holiday gift, if you ask me.

I asked Noelle about the future of the company, and she said that the goal is to keep exploring and incorporating new styles of riders, including different disciplines and menswear. Outside of new models, stay tuned for photoshoots and announcements on social media (there's a contest with 2kGrey happening right now!). Other than that, I can't tell you more. For some things, you just have to wait and see. // Facebook // tumblr // Pinterest // Instagram // Polyvore

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