Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Stallion Barn of Sorts

My return home over winter break led me to find my old binder full of blueprints, but these are like the super old ones from middle and early high school, the ones that make me cringe for the most part. I figure they're horse related, so I might as well share. I've got 50+ plans in the collection, so that's about how many you can look forward to.

I remember for the most part where the inspiration for most of these came from. This one was supposed to be a stallion barn for my future stallions (I can dream if I want to). What I notice in general from a lot of my older plans is that they tend to waste space.

Do I really need four wash stalls? What's with the two large open areas at both ends? What's with the awkward placement of all three stair cases? To clarify, the "Show Ring" isn't meant to be a competition ring. It's supposed to be a place to show stallions to people because apparently I expected people to visit me just to see my pretty horses. Can't say I still don't think that.

Of course the second floor remains completely unfinished because I always wanted to start a new plan whenever I was satisfied with the last.

Stats (cause I did these too):
Style: Gable
    (8) 12' x 16' Stalls
    (4) 12' x 16' Wash Stalls
Tack: 12' x 32'
Feed: n/a
Width: 160'
Depth: 84' (not including runs)

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