Sunday, December 20, 2015

Out of genuine curiosity . . .

How many times have you walked out of the dressage ring? I'm asking for a friend.

Despite only warming up in the ring for maybe four laps total, we did manage to walk up once again. This dressage thing is just not for me.

Some rain made the footing less than ideal, so we rode out in the jumping field, and Abbey, the part-time jumper, got the wrong impression of what the day's work would be. I'd say this ride was better than the last in that it didn't take as long to get it together, but it the bad parts were exponentially worse, all because of either a) too much energy or b) a dropped right shoulder. Lots of right rein and right leg.

The whole ride was walk/halts and trot/halts with varied success. At the end, we did a figure eight, and I think that's when I started to figure out the right rein/right leg thing cause it was a hell of a lot of confusion. We attempted a canter, but it may or may not have been a trainwreck.

But again, she's a large baby horse . . . okay she's like 6 but that's still a baby.


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