Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Baby Horse Swag

Actual Baby Gigi continues to impress, even if she doesn't look too impressed.

I stole away from school this past weekend because wahhh, education is meaningless (I actually forgot my working headphones at home, and I wanted them very badly). Since I wanted to do something more than just binge watch LOST, I got a lesson on the babe.

She came out a bit fresh. Apparently she's grown a little bit since last time, but the booty is still in the lead. My position is slowly morphing and shifting into the right spot. I was actually able to post correctly, whereas previously the sitting trot has been my haven. We even got to canter (only to the right though because baby horse doesn't like her left lead), which I had seriously wanted to ask Miss El about trying. I guess she can read my mind.

So yeah, Dressagey stuff is going pretty well at the moment.

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