Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Y Exercise

So, here's the Y polework exercise from yesterday. It's based off of the one I posted about a while ago, but I was limited in terms of materials, so everything was on the ground. Everything is spaced to trot through.

What You Need:
    - one set of jump standards
    - 7 poles total (if you're just doing the cross rail)
Exercise 1: Coming off the left, trot through the Y, exit to the right, trot over the ground poles, pick up the canter, jump cross rail, then halt.

Exercise 2: Coming off the left again, trot through the Y, pick up the right lead canter, canter through the Y, switch lead (even though your horse probably swapped in the Y itself), go around to cross rail, then halt.

Exercise 3: (this isn't actually what we did, but I remembered it wrong when I made the diagram, and I didn't feel like making another one because it was very hard and Kal was making fun of me during the process) Coming off the right, trot through the Y, canter at some point, canter over the cross rail, halt, trot off turning left go over ground rails, make a tight right turn, pick up right lead, canter over cross rail, then halt.

Of course Pixel was a superstar through everything, but he is the world's biggest try hard.

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