Saturday, April 2, 2016

Big Baby Romeo now Big Toddler Romeo

I mean, some would argue that toddlers are worse than babies, but Romeo did have a much more mature approach to (most of) our lesson yesterday. Of course, he still keeps his head in the air 99% of the time, but we had a couple of moments at the trot where he dropped down and into my hands. It takes a bit outta him. He also cantered fantastic; both of us held it together pretty well to the point where I actually felt like I could equitate while he did his thang. It did get a bit quick going to the left, and I managed him with a few circles, but I wasn't quite getting the half halt (more on that and other things tomorrow).

He jumped quite well, too, trot right up to trot fences, and didn't lose it at the canter, plus came down a lot nicer. His one drawback was that he really didn't want to leave the group and preferred to ignore my inside leg on the approach. I know, Romeo, life is so hard because sometimes you have to move 20ft away from your friends and perform an inside bend. I'm so sorry.

Our second combo of fences required a tight turn off the first fence, and it felt weird to say the least. If we consider Romeo's big stride plus my general lack of experience in jumpers, it was weird for me, the sad eq rider, but Coach only had compliments besides the age old, "Look up!" We caught a long distance to the second fence the first time through, then it was short the second time and caused me to go places, but he caught his changes both times on cue.

He's so friendly
Plus, he was a good bean at regionals today. Whatta horse.

Fancy Bean
For me, last week and this week saw the return of hip stretches because I don't wana get the 'tude from Miss El. They were significantly easier this week, and I saw an improvement in my leg stability, range of motion, and general left to right balance (though I caught myself collapsing forward a couple of times). Of course, it was still difficult, and it hurt, but her birthday was yesterday as well, so I consider my pain to be just another present.


  1. My BFF's horse is a chestnut Thoroughbred gelding named Romeo! Although, he's 21, hah

    1. All the Romeo's I've met are TB geldings, so your friend's is being added to the list!


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