Sunday, April 24, 2016

Winsome, losesome

So I was back on Pixie Sticks for last week's lesson, and it went kind of similar to our last encounter . . .

Pixel, no
Except this time around, I actually got him over the fence on the first try, and he decided the second time through that maybe brush boxes aren't the best life decision he could make. The full video is here if you're interested, but I have more successful media from the ride.

Besides our little incident, he jumped fantastic (no, seriously, he was awesome). He's been such a good boy about backing off right when I ask him or moving up to catch a nicer spot. His simple changes are nearly automatic, which is pretty convenient, except he knows that he's on the wrong lead before I do.

Unfortunately, he was quite sassy about our flatwork at first because baby horse doesn't like moving forward. His canter transitions are getting much better as well. Once he got out his anger, he cantered wonderfully with good rhythm and seeking the contact. His lateral balance needs as much work as mine, so we're stuck in a rut on that aspect.

Going forward, I need to focus a helluva a lot more on my equitation over a fence. Frog legs are out of style (were they ever in style?). My two-point is less of a two-point and more of a flamboyant upper body movement with 0 base support. I don't have many photos or videos of me jumping, but I'm trying to figure out which friend I'll be begging to come to my lesson to film me. What are friends for, amirite?

Dream Team


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