Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Rose Gold

My obsession with rose gold is pretty intense. Rose gold earrings, rose gold septum rings, rose gold regular rings, rose gold watches, and even a rose gold headband . . . or two. Honestly, rose gold is the best and most versatile color for accessories, so it's no surprise that I was stopped in my tracks when I saw ROSE GOLD STIRRUPS on my Instagram feed.

Y'all know 2017 is gonna be lit when new companies are already producing excellence. Eclat Equestrian is a Scotland based brand that's bringing a new look to the equestrian aesthetic. I place them into the same category as brands like Le Fash, Ghodo, and Spooks; they stray from traditional styles to create something that is both modern and professional while still maintaining quality.

Also, rose gold.

If the Dressage whip hadn't been out of stock, I'd be £20 poorer.

The new company's current line features a collection of cool belts, some horsey accessories, and one very sparkly browband.

While their own brand is still building and releasing new products, Eclat also has stock from other companies such as DO&G, Waldhausen and La Valencio. Yah, my dog is probably getting a new collar for her birthday. When I take with me for runs, we will do it in style. // Facebook // Instagram // Eclat Rose Collection

All photos & videos are taken from the Eclat Equestrian Instagram page.


  1. I LOVE IT. Unfortunately Rose Gold isn't the best on my skin tone but I'm obsessed with it too.

    1. I'm upset rose gold didn't come into my life sooner

  2. Replies
    1. I'm borderline about to ask if the stirrups are equitation legal (*.*)


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