Sunday, March 19, 2017

Strong Starts

Mid term season is always 10000x worse than finals. Typically, once finals roll around, whatever project I'm doing is something I've been working on for a while, I have a long break to look forward to, and, in general, I am better prepared to turn in/present whatever I'm supposed to turn in/present. Mid terms, tho . . . I'm a Jabberwock with 3% of my usual amount of patience. No matter how well I tried to manage my time this past week, I still ended up in the architecture building for the whole night finishing my midterm. I haven't pulled an all nighter since last year, and my overall average for all nighters is pretty low for someone in studio.

@Carlos, stop eating everything
So yah after getting no sleep and running on none calories, I reluctantly went to my lesson on Friday morning. I tried to nap in the car, but I get pretty jittery when I don't sleep, so I'd just knock out for five minutes then jump awake when someone spoke too loud. It ended up being a decent lesson because I was so sleep deprived, I didn't have the energy to be as stiff as I usually am.

From last weekend in Toronto
I started on Ringo, which was awesome because he is the slowest and most easy going horse out there. We did w/t/c with some no stirrup work, just the usual. With jumping we just worked through a line and swapped a couple of times. Ringo was perfect each time through.

Kodi was being his ridiculous self and jumping with his head between his legs. Just a thought: if you've gone over the fence three times already, why are you still looking at it like it's a ghost??? I swapped onto LB last, and we nailed it both times. I didn't get any disgusting distances, and Coach didn't have any major complaints about my position, so I guess I was doing things ok.

Kodak paying attention
The rest of the day went pretty well, too. It included Cafe Rio, actually getting to the crit early, and having the critics like my concept. It wasn't until approximately 7:30p that I got terrible news, which I may or may not blog about. That aside, the day had a strong start.


  1. Cafe Rio is bomb and I'm finally done with mid-terms, thank god!

    1. FINALLLY someone in the blogsphere who knows what Cafe Rio is!

  2. Midterms were always the worst. All that stress when only the final really mattered. :)

    1. What makes this one worse is that I still don't really vibe with my project :')


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