Monday, March 20, 2017

Why Maryland is the BEST State to Own Horses In

1. We have every discipline you can think of
You name it, we have it. Hunters, jumpers, eventing, Dressage, barrel racing, western pleasure, bronc riding, Thoroughbred racing, Standardbred racing, fox hunting, crabbing (but on horseback) . . . We have everything, and that's my favorite part. You'll meet so many different riders from vastly different backgrounds. What's not to love?

Concept: Ride two different disciplines and be kinda bad at both
2. We have every type of weather you can think of
Whether you like piaffeing through ice and snow or jumping fences in a heat wave with 200% humidity, Maryland will service your weather wants. If you don't like either of those choices, you better get used to it because there is no inbetween, and we also don't experience normal seasonal patterns. Good luck!

This ain't even a joke - image from Eye On Annapolis
3. Chincoteague Ponies!
Probably our best quality. The ponies and the annual pony swim are a great pass time. Not to mention you can go to the beach and see the ponies whenever. You also get to see the poop. And smell it. And the ponies have no sense of predator/prey relationships. Hope you like sharing a towel during shedding season.

4. Old Bay is the only supplement you need
Ever wonder why SmartPak doesn't ship to Maryland? It's because we don't need them! All our horses eat is Old Bay and that good ole Maryland grass. Old Bay goes on everything: crabs, popcorn, eggs, final papers. Why not horse feed?

5. We have plenty of neighboring states to flee into
Is your crazy trainer trying to drag you back into their program? Are you behind on board and trying to stop your barn owner from taking your horse on lien? Not a problem! You have five different state lines to choose from, including Washington DC. Don't feel like going to a different state? Consider travelling to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. No one will find you in the corn fields. No one.

me, running to the corn fields to hide that foot angle


  1. no fucking joke, the weird new-agey ulcer supplement i put my maryland horse on legitimately smelled like old bay steamed crabs.

    1. (and yes he ate it up like candy)

    2. The horse knows what's good for him, Emma

  2. Jealous of all the horsey stuff!

    1. It's all super fun. Except the crabbing. It usually ends worse that water elements on cross country courses.

  3. #3. #3. #3.

    I used to live in Virginia. While I agree with you on diversity I just cannot handle humidity. Which is why I'm doomed to live in the southwest for the rest of my life. Which sucks because the horse scene down here isn't as diverse or nice.

    1. But do the ponies not make up for the generally crap weather???? (they don't, but I like to think they do)


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